Merging two values to a lookup

Hello everyone,
I need to take 2 values among 4 columns and merge them or find another way to make a single value from them, and relate to another column. Then, I need to Lookup values based on this relation, but is not working how I minded. My idea, was to make a template and replace the variables, so with this merged value, my relation could link the columns that I want.
Unfortunately, the IF THEN ELSE don’t have a “AND” possibility, otherwise I think this could solve this.
Anyone can help me on this one?

Relate the 2 values of this 4 columns with one another column with merged possibles results, then lookup for other values on that row.

This is what I’ve tried:

I want to relate with this column and lookup their respective values

Why do you need that “Hip Final” column may I ask?

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I was trying to create a relation column, so I made this “hip final” to match the original column.

Why don’t you use the template column on the left of that?

I don’t know how to make a template column a relation column too, cause this template is merging my variables, then I need to take this merged value and relate to other column, i don’t know how to do with just one template column

Can you try using that template column as the source for your relation to see if anything
comes up?

Nothing happened, unfortunately. I guess this issue is somehow related to the template format, when one value becomes empty, this should interfere with the relation match, just wondering. I’m a beginner.
Using template source:

Template format:

I’ve made this example with simple letters to show the whole idea:

I have 4 columns with possible results, the user must pick 2 options, so two columns will become empty and two will be filled:

Then, depending on this combination I will use a value

At Glide:

The issue is when I make the relation columns, It’s not matching at all

@Robert_Petitto Could you give me an idea on how to solve this?

So are you using the merged value column to relate back to the hypothesis column? Are you sure you do not accidentally have any spaces in there?

I gonna check it

There’s no spaces at all. I believe there’s a bug or is a clever way to do this that I don’t figure out. :frowning:
Thanks for trying to help

Finally got it. I changed the name of cells to a simple letter and now it worked. Thanks anyway in be interested. So, the template can merge values to a lookup, probably an “and” statement inside I-T-E, would save a bunch of time.

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