What happened to my datas?

Earlier this month, I lost a long help page created with Hint texts linked to an empty Glide table source. All the texts were written inside the components. A few days later, with all the details I had in mind, I wondered what this empty table was doing among all my other tables. I deleted it. I did not know that if we delete an empty table linked to components where there is information, we delete all the data of the components.
I dropped the help page until I found a moment to write it again.
Yesterday, while creating an empty table, I accidentally clicked on the hidden Help Tab and I found all my texts related to this new empty table. Great.
But 10 minutes later, while renaming my tables to follow a standard (I decided to use the @ThinhDinh method) I again lost the Help text.
Who could help me find my way around?
Thanks for your help.

I think I said this in the original thread, but don’t delete the table that is the source of your screen, it will result in the problem you experienced before.

How did you rename the tables? If it’s not too much to reconfigure, place that Help tab on top of a table that you will never delete, maybe the User Profiles one and filter it to the signed-in user email’s row.

Here is a free tip:

Never delete a Google Sheet or unlink a Glide Table without doing a Find All Uses on every column in that table. Do it twice, just to make sure :wink:


I second Darren. “Find all uses” is extremely useful and should be used before deleting any column or table. I use it a lot when rebuilding features or an entire app on Glide Tables and moving the data from Google Sheets.

You’re right. The point is that when you begin building your first apps there’s no tip no warning you must search and read many discussions in community.glideapps even if you don’t understand what it is about.

I read recently, still in community, a tips list, but l can’t retrieve it. Those things should pinned at the top.
I understand that docs where written with the goal to be short and efficient but when finishing anything in docs we feel frustrated.
There’s so many infos in community that could be integrated in docs or at least as examples.
The point with no-code is that solutions are numerous for one problem.

That would be cool to have:

  1. A global tips document.
  2. A document that lists the user’s solutions proposed for different problems.

You have a good point there, the community tries to be as responsive as possible in all time zones though, so if you have a question, feel free to ask us if you don’t find it in the docs or existing threads.

For the documentation part, Jack and the team have been working hard to make it as up-to-date as possible. For this community, you can filter for the category “FAQ”. I feel there’s much valuable info in there for newcomers.


Stay tuned, this is something that is in the pipeline :wink:


I renamed the tables MODAL/… for all hamburger pages following your tips.
But now while trying again to recover my help page I delete it.

@Darren_Murphy 's post here should be helpful.

That is the aim of the community forum and its categories.


Do you mean the column in the tables?

No the tables themselves !

There are a lot of solutions in the forum, it’s true and it’s really great, but it will be necessary to classify and organize all this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I mean I don’t think you should name the tables like that? Can you clarify why you did so with some screenshots?

Categories where topics are organized

Advanced search

Glide Library

And the forum of course where we all exchange information and help one another :slight_smile:

@jabid What else would you suggest?

Something like use-cases

How to “description of the case” ?
Solution (picked from Forum solution)

Have a look at the tutorials section :slightly_smiling_face:

Also Jack just released a nice video with x10 tips for working in Glide. In his post you’ll see a screenshot of topics vhis team is working on.

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Terrific!! That was exactly my wish :hugs:

As I said…


I made a mistake while reading quickly your tips about naming. I thought you were talking about tables then l realised it was about columns.

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