How to restore a 3 hours work

Just finished yesterday a three hours work for Help section in two long pages. I wrote them directly on the app…
and l noticed now it disappeared. Anything to do to recover my work?

Did you accidentally delete the linked table? Is it in Google Sheets or Glide Tables?

No, it was outside table and sheet, the texts were inside Hint components.

I mean that hint text seems to come from Glide? Which table did you connect to this screen before?

None. That was a help tab in the drawer not connected to a Glide table (l only use Glide tables).

What action did you make to navigate to this screen. I see a “back” action on the top left?

I created two pages.
Each page contained several hint texts in different colors. To navigate to the next page l create a button with an arrow at the bottom.

So is it “Show new screen”, “Show details screen” or someone else, in the action that navigates you to the screen above?

I am not sure 100% because l am not on my computer but it should be new screen.

Then please check which Sheet/Glide Tables is the action linked to, and if that Sheet/GT is still presented in your data view. If not, try restoring it.

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Sorry but that datas was directly written in the Hints components it was not linked to any table.

Wait .wait… l remember now l had an empty table for the help l deleted it one hour before thinking that since l wrote directly in the components l don’t need it anymore.
Could it be that?

Ok. The solution is the one you mentioned… l deleted the source. Newbie mistake :face_with_thermometer::woozy_face::woozy_face:
Thank you

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