What about external data

A lot of people are asking can I connect glideapp with external data, can I use external api,…
most of the time people say no because It is not a a built in component.

I used different solutions depending on what you want to do (zapier, google sheets api,…)
what are you best practices concerning this type of connections ?

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Google sheets currently allows for api calls via scripts. I use that as well as scripts to automatically convert data and impoort data into my google sheets. Glide will soon support api calls directly which will be great. I will be making a tuorial (or @Robert_Petitto will ) that shows how to create an api with your excel folders to acces them directly when the API feature is up and running (@Robert_Petitto makes a million tutorials).


do you know the roadmap for this ?

It’s in testing now. They haven’t given a specific date but as fast as they work I imagine before March for sure maybe even next week.

What is the external data source you’d like to use?


Firebase would be an awesome start, but ideally any REST API data source.

For reference:


rest API in general
I manage to connect my firebase project using scripts but clearly if you want to go to full no code it would be great to connect external data.
I think in more general aspect that allowing to build custom components is a good way.
My clients are telling me that they would like have more customization and ofter they want to go to other products because of this.

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