Accessing google sheets relational/lookup columns outside of glide

I have an app that uses google sheets as the main database, but each sheet also has some glide fields for lookups, etc.

I would love to be able to interact/use the data outside of Glide on an ongoing basis. Is there a way to sync the Glide fields (relational data, lookup values, or rollups) with another source? Does an API endpoint exist to access this data? I’m not looking for export, but more of an ongoing sync or way to get this data outside of Glide.


do you want to read the Glide’s data from your Google Sheets via API? As far I know, only the customers with an Enterprise plan can do it:


There’s no great way to do this. If you NEED the data outside of Glide, it’s probably best to build it in the sheet redundantly.

Ah, ok. Yeah I’d like to read data outside of Glide, via API or some other method

Thanks @Robert_Petitto. Though if I’m not mistaken, I can’t really do that redundantly with lookup and relational fields?

You would probably have to add an action somewhere that takes those glide fields and writes thembasic columns whenever you interact with that row in the app.

You’d need to use spreadsheet formulas…vlookups and whatnot

I have no idea what your use case is for the data outside of Glide, so this suggestion could be way off base. But… have you investigated the option of doing whatever you plan to do with the exported data inside of Glide? If you are new to Glide, I can almost guarantee you that Glide is way more powerful than you think it is when it comes to manipulating and presenting data.