🎤 We'll Do It Live - Episode 5

A quick recap of what we did today:

  • Shipped “Upload image” option in Image component
  • Changed “Hello stranger, please tell us who you are” to “What’s your name?”
  • Fixed data pad to resize correctly when resizing the left pad
  • Changed browser’s Back button behavior to also close modal screens like Forms
  • Implemented an “Open Edit screen” action
  • Added optional image to Checklist layout
  • Added an action to the Title component
  • Changed the condition/filter configurator to allow adding/removing conditions without constantly reopening the popup
  • Allowed newlines in app descriptions
  • Made the app description text field grow with more text
  • Made the in-app notifications close when the app user taps them

Apart from the “Upload image”, which is already shipped, these will ship in the next two weeks or so.

Thank you all for your suggestions, and thank you for everybody who attended and participated! It helps a lot.


Yes! Thanks @Mark !!

Wow kept reading and noticed everything else! Looks like it was a great session today… tons of fixes! Well done guys!!!

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Thanks @Mark for including an optional image to Checklist layout!!

Un abrazo! :muscle:

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That’s gorgeous! Thanks a lot!

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Wow, what a list! You guys rock.


@Jeff_Hager back in form is resolved :clap:

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Thanks for eliminating the “stranger danger” :crazy_face:

What’s this about?

Notification fades out after a few seconds, right? Now, tapping on it will dismiss it immediately. I asked @Jason for an additional option as part of the action where they HAVE to tap it to dismiss it (so they’re forced to read the message before dismissing).

Bonus, Jason, if it could trigger an action, too. Something like “after notification”…

But actually, i guess the show notification action could just happen immediately before the action I would want triggered and the user wouldn’t notice the action until they acknowledge/dismiss the notification.


The “Open Edit Screen” action has not shipped yet correct?

Correct, none of those

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This is massive!

Thank you, team!


Tab icon label (bottom of the screen) vs. screen title (top of the screen) vs. tab name (left hand side panel in the builder)


agree on this one!

You’re too late to the party :wink:

Or maybe I’m early! :joy:

HI @Ivo_Elbert and @Jason I thought that I’d drop you another quick example of this issue, but interestingly with no image in the card component, only using avatar, avatar text and caption (to build out a personalised menu). The first screen is when the app initially loads and the second (correct) screen is when you leave the tab and then return:

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Yes. I have observed this in my app too. First time misaligned and gets rectified while scrolling down or returning.