Hello from Glide


@Jason wonder why you put this zoom meeting the community?

Only one way to find out.


Join it @Krivo, if you can, you might find something out?! I would but I’m on my way out the door to visit someone in hospital :disappointed:

They’re making the biggest announcement in Glide history! :open_mouth:


Thanks for popping by and giving us ideas. Next time we’ll give people a heads up to figure out what they might want to see fixed live and once we have enough we’ll run a session.


Thx for taking us inside the coding room👍

Ahhh I missed it, what did they say?

Let us know you’re doing it a while before in a next time :pleading_face:

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They did some live coding- and you could put in your own requests which they would try to solve straight away


we will do it agian with a couple hours of warning next time so people can think up ideas. I just wanted to play with the concept a bit :slight_smile:


oh damn, i have a bug with is favorite? a couple of weeks and missed this opportunity

Ah yea one of the rules is it has to be “small enough”

Basically the best things to go for in these sessions will be visual issues.

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Wow - I’ve never seen a company do that! Live coding with feature requests, all of a sudden - it’s my dream come true!

except the fact that i didnt see it :frowning:


Got it

Can’t believe I missed this. Was helping my daughter learn the capitals of the western states. Who needs to learn capitals?! That’s what Alexa is for!


She might be doing bar trivia some day and be glad she learned the capitals. :wink:


Alexa for president! :raised_hands:

Would be awesome if you could stagger the times a bit (ie. do one a bit later in your day every now and then), so that those of us on the other side of the world might have a chance to join in :pray:

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I was about to do some sheep counting when it started (midnight in Europe) - so please no later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know - difficult to find a perfect time when people are joining from all over the world :earth_americas: