🎤 We'll Do It Live - Episode 5

Here you go
You can select any name to login if you need to - the app is not yet live. To get to this screen, click Agenda, there you will see the days with “see more”

This is an oddity - there used to be an image column there that went away in your tables. It shows as empty in the dropdown, but the list still kinda wants to show it. Do this to make it go away:

2021-07-14 20.22.52


It worked! Thank you so much - just figured it was a glitch in the system.

Request : A Table with column wise values will do great wonders. Also, an ability to color code the cells. Maybe I am wishing too much. But, at least an advanced table should do.



This is another idea that I think it shouldn’t be difficult to carry out:

What about if Checklist Style is able to use/show an Image in order to be more user friendly and highlight the options??

The new improvement would look like:

and we will see a screen like this:

Saludos y feliz día!


Actions on Legends

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Could you expand on that, please? The Image component already allows you to get images from Unsplash via the “Upload image” option:

Temporarily I’ve to do this

Created an inline list and used rank method to display colour.

Elaborate, please.

Hmm is that only in Staging? The request is that the option to upload/use Unsplash should be there for every component that uses an image.


Sorry, no.

Could you please make a video to explain?

Sorry, I don’t understand. Grouping doesn’t support collapsing.

Ia it complex to have multiple upload for files?

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When you create a new column it automatically creates a new one after the very last existing column which is a normal behaviour. However, when creating a new Group/Column I’d expect that this new column gets added to next to its group instead of having it added after the very last column.

Let me know !

@jason, you mentioned that you published a fix for the spacing issue on a card list. Maybe it was just for wrapped text, but I still think there is an issue if the image assets aren’t loaded or cached yet for the avatar. Admittedly, I think those images are still located in google drive, so I could try moving them to the glide storage. Obviously I’m using CSS too, so maybe that’s playing a part. But usually, once image assets are loaded and I reload the list, then the spacing is perfect.

Before - after initial load of app

After reload (navigate away and back again)


I’ve alerted Ivo. He has begun crying.


I’m guessing it just needs to account for the avatar image size, initially, before the image is rendered. Thank you though. I’m not too overly concerned about it.

I have indeed began crying. But don’t worry, we’ll figure out a fix for that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Just seen it in one of my apps too. Sorry :slightly_frowning_face: