🎤 We'll Do It Live - Episode 3

For sure!

Couldn’t make it to this one, but hope you guys had a great session. Any summary of what was fixed / added? Cheers all.


Yeah, I wanted to stay up and join, but 4am was just a bridge too far this time. Would be great if someone could post a dot point summary


Quick recap of all the things we did:

  • In the “Link Glide Table” Modal, the tables will be sorted alphabetically
  • Reorder teams in the dashboard via Drag&Drop
  • Differentiate a grouped Inline List’s title from the group names
  • Fix the menu to delete comments
  • Allow newlines in Hint text
  • Column assignment usability fixes
  • Make the Hint title stand out more

These will be shipping in the next two weeks.


Did you had the chance to correct this little issue :

Couldn’t attend the zoom…

No, that turned out to be harder than expected to do live on the call.

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Thanks, i was wrong i thought that it was an easy-fixed thing :slight_smile: Thanks for the informations !

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