🎤 We'll Do It Live - Episode 3

Can we have another sneak peek of that search columns area :star_struck:


The search columns made my night. An answer to this request of mine months ago:


For sure!

Couldn’t make it to this one, but hope you guys had a great session. Any summary of what was fixed / added? Cheers all.


Yeah, I wanted to stay up and join, but 4am was just a bridge too far this time. Would be great if someone could post a dot point summary


Quick recap of all the things we did:

  • In the “Link Glide Table” Modal, the tables will be sorted alphabetically
  • Reorder teams in the dashboard via Drag&Drop
  • Differentiate a grouped Inline List’s title from the group names
  • Fix the menu to delete comments
  • Allow newlines in Hint text
  • Column assignment usability fixes
  • Make the Hint title stand out more

These will be shipping in the next two weeks.


Did you had the chance to correct this little issue :

Couldn’t attend the zoom…

No, that turned out to be harder than expected to do live on the call.

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Thanks, i was wrong i thought that it was an easy-fixed thing :slight_smile: Thanks for the informations !

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It was nice seeing you again though I only managed to connect towards the end.

CRI. What does the ‘R’ stand for again?

I am not sure what you are asking, CRI stands for Color Rendering Index in my world.

Crappiest Rendable Implementation?

That cracked me up.

I’ve just seen this in production but don’t know how I brought that up from the keyboard. Can anyone help? :sweat_smile:

@Jason mentioned there’s a keyboard shortcut…some kind of variation of cmd/ctrl-F?

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Ctrl/Cmd shift f


I knew it!

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Thanks! Ctrl Shift F works for me on Mac.

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Just so we’re clear, we simply forgot to feature flag out the keybind, enjoy its usage but its probably pretty broken in that state.

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It’s broken a little bit. It won’t find all uses. It’ll be available properly on Friday.


Broken “a little bit”. Love that.