Website Pop-Up for open access Glide Pages

Hi everyone, we’re launching a new website and require cookie consent form our users. Now I’m looking for a way to show the pop-up when someone launches the website for the first time.

We only have a code snippet provided by our gdpr & cookie solution but as far as I know, I can’t get that into Glide. We will be fine with not tracking anything for now but I’m afraid it’s already expected from users to decide in cookie preferences and seen suspicious if not asked for it.

Any work arounds? Thank you!!!

There is on a higher plan the option to have the consent once they log in … but I believe it’s not enough for apps that are public and are not showing the content after someone signs up.

Exactly, it’s just for log-in unfortunately

You could host your cookie consent snippet on a one-pager using another tool, and once the user submits the cookie consent, there could be a redirect to your Glide app.

This would still leave you in the dark as to what types of cookies Glide pushes to your users.