Cookie consent for Glide apps?

Can somebody (maybe @david) explain to me why a pwa (glide app) does not need to show a cookie consent to the user - so the user can consent to use the app? Remember that the app can also just be used in a browser without installing the app on the phone - and here no cookie consent box isn’t shown either.

The app (by setting a cookie I believe) is collecting information about the user - then we can see the number of users in the builder, so the the user must be identifyable.

They’ve introduced a “agree to terms & privacy” checkbox that I use for this purpose. I mention my cookie policy in the privacy statement.

@mthakershi Is this something you would want to share? I’m curios about which information you think that your glide app picks up.

Well. It doesn’t pick up location. It picks up names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, demographics and some content that is personal to the user.

@mthakershi I might not have been clear in my question. Are all these things stored in the cookie? I would have thought that maybe ip-adress and potentially demographics were stored. The rest of the information you mention - isn’t that just stored in the sheet - but not in the cookie? I’m novice in regards to cookies (and a lot of other aspects :slight_smile: )

Sorry I misunderstood. I haven’t really checked what glide stored in cookies. But it must be some sort of login details / location / locale.

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