How can I add a GDPR banner

I’m trying to add a Cookie banner to my glide pages web app, but I can’t find a way. Any ideas?

I guess it’s not possible

And how Can We solve GDPR? I’m sure I’m not the first with this problem.

Actually Glide already collects cookies but you can read the documentation below

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Thanks for your replay and to have the time to answer me. :slight_smile:

I’ve already read it, but at the end of the day in EU we need a cookie consent banner for public web. Or at least for an MVP, seems that are correct.

Do you think it will be possible to have the landing page in other app like any CRM web builder and connect it somehow to the glide app. My webapp

How can I get the login process done? Any ideas?

Hello @Miguel_Angel_Vidal_M,

GDPR stipulates giving site visitors clarity and full transparency on how data is used. A cookie banner is not a legal requirement and not a Glide-native feature. What you could do is create a banner using an image, hint or container & title component and link users to Glide’s T&Cs and/or security above? The CTA could be something along the lines of ‘learn how your data is used’?

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This is not totally correct. Read this: Cookies and the GDPR: What’s Really Required?

User has to be informed and they should have the option to select which ones they want to accept or not. With Glide pages, this option only works when the user sign-in the app, not outside.

Could we have this banner that you comment, with iframe from others cookie banners service?

Hi Miguel,

There are several aspects to GDPR.
Most importantly, Glideapps resides in the US, and as such, you need to address this in your Privacy Policy, Data Processing Agreement, A Privacy and GDPR FAQ and describe your Privacy Measures. You likely also need to create a Transfer Impact Assessment.

We are in EU (Denmark) and our PP and DPA and TIA is made by a Danish Legal Team.

Feel free to be inspired:

I would consider what we have here a “light” version of compliance but proportionally reasonable for a startup.




Sorry for the delay! Many, many thanks for your answer. I’m going to check it right now and I will let you know if I have some questions. And If I can help you with something just let me know.

Kind Regards from Spain.