I would love to use Glide - but have to wait until GDPR compliance is in place

I came across Glide and would love to use it. Unfortunately it isn’t GDPR compliant. I have seen other posts on this topic (Terms and conditions and GDPR and Sad (but now HAPPY) story. Lost 8 projects over GDPR issues - new feature added).

Good that there is a new feature added, I believe that there are other aspects for GDPR to be addressed - at least should be published in the Glide privacy policy:

  1. What happens to that personal data in the app specifically is it only processed by Glide in respect of the app’s purpose and does it get shared by Glide to any other party, if so what is the legal basis for that, who is the controller of that data and how does the data subject invoke their rights
  2. Does Glide scan any other files on our google drives or only the sheets that are linked to the apps.
  3. Can the data be hosted in the EU by an EU legal entity rather than USA - this would be a mitigation to CJEU Schrems 2 ruling (I have seen debate online about whether SCCs still hold and individual country regulators have differing or unpublished views on this).

Given the huge market within EU for such services or even if another country has data on EU citizens then GDPR compliance is a must - I hope Glide can provide this soon.


@Emm_P: I agree with all of what you write but at least Glide has taken some initial baby steps with the new ‘feature’.

My enthusiasm for Glide has dimmed a bit due to the lack of GDPR.

We will implement full GDPR compliance in the next few months.


@mark It will be a game changer for us in Europe.
Pls also consider the ePrivacy directive as this is governing the use use of cookies along with GDPR. I haven’t really understood how glide can put cookies on the device without getting acceptance from the user.