Moving from AppSheets

Hello! New here but I have been using AppSheet for quite a few years. There are some things that I am not at all happy about with that system so I did som searching and found Glide. I’m excited to learn more and check it out. And also if I can convert my apps to this platform without loosing anything important. Exciting times!


Welcome, Mei!

There is no automatic conversion process from AppSheet to Glide.

Oh. I know that and would probably not use it if it existed. Although there seem to be some similarities between Glide and AppSheet I’m trying to make the move to get some of the the strengths I see with Glide. Forcing an old design into something new is seldom good. First step will be to try and understand the core functions and structure, I’ll do that with a completely new app. When I have a better feel for glide I’ll try to remake my old app here. I will probably have lots of questions for this community during the way.

I’ve tried so many different systems now trying to find a replacement. Going native, or hybrid but finally realized that web is probably the best alternative for me and it was when i started googling those keywords that I found glide. Looking forward to see where this takes me. =)


Don’t hesitate letting us know if you have any questions!

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How @Mei , welcome to Glide :wave:

Each tool had its strengths and weaknesses. What were you missing in AppSheets? Maybe we can tell you if you’ll find in Glide what you are looking for.

Have fun discovering the platform.

The first question I have is if you know where the servers are located? I would really like to use Glide tables instead of google sheets but to do that the servers have to be inside of EU. GDPR…


As an appsheet developer since 2014, move its the right decision

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I don’t work for Glide so I can’t answer that question, but for GDPR you might have some insights from @Mark_Turrell, who has built some big apps and is in Germany, I believe.

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The servers do not need to be in Europe for GDPR. If you are processing or storing dara outside the EU, you need to explain this in your terms & conditions for using the app, plus data privacy. You put a link to these statements in the splash screen for entering their email to access the app.

We moved our Google sheet / docs to an EU server, but kept the rest as is. This statement that I referred to above covers things fine.


The main reason is the possibility for growth. To get the security I need in AppSheet the price is 10 USD per user/month. Next step, if I want something other than Google sheets its 20 usd user/month. With the glide pricing I can afford to try out lots of small apps (up to 20 users) for the price of 4 users in AppSheet. Then when I know what sells the price slowly increase while i’m growing. It has the potential to change the way I work and allow me to try out some ideas that I would not have dared to otherwise.

Another big part is a feature request I need. Simple iFrame. We got information 2 years ago that is was in beta. No update since. It’s not about the iFrame itself but it get’s me worried about new features and innovation. If something changed after they were acquired by google… Also google has in the past killed of platforms with more users and that doesn’t help me relax either.

I’d rather use the services of a smaller independent company that thrives on the community and innovation, trying to be the best in a the little space that matters to me. I don’t trust googles owners to care as much about my needs. :slight_smile:

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The iframe problem is easy to fix.

  1. have a place for you to host your own web pages (we use AWS… but before we just used brizzy for the MVP)

  2. put your iFrames in these pages

  3. if you need to get the data back to glide, use something like integromat to get the data and push it back (via GS or the Glide APi … much faster!)

  4. use a webview for your own page

It’s easy once you have the logic :slight_smile: good luck!

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Welcome @Mei to interesting and innovative Glide community :slight_smile:

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