Any performance issues/challenges in EU and Asia?

Hi all, tried searching but couldn’t find an answer on this in the forum but are there any known issues for app performance in EU or Asia? Does Glide use servers in those areas to help the speed?

Thanks in advance!

Based on the current servers status it looks like everything is running the way it should be. Can you tell us more on what you are experiencing and how to reproduce ?

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Hi @AymenM thanks for your reply. I’m not experiencing any problems but was curious if there were any known issues and workarounds. I’m working on an app that hopefully will be used by users in EU, Asia and US so just want to develop contingency plans. That’s all.

Thanks again

Oh great to take care of such things ! I’m not aware of any issues so don’t worry :slight_smile:

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I just moved my app from Google Sheets hosted ‘wherever’ to a Google Workspacd hosted in Europe (GDPR reasons). Workspace is not free…. But the migration took an hour or so and everything is working fine :slight_smile:


Oh thanks for the GDPR reminder @Mark_Turrell . I was planning on using Glide tables for my app buildout but your comment makes me now have to figure out if Glide tables complies with GDPR? Although as I typed this, even though your GS is now hosted in EU, doesn’t Glide still transfer this data over to their internal tables and does that impact GDPR compliance? Apologies in advance if this has already been answered in the forum. I’ll search now.

@AymenM Thanks for the heads up on no known issues. Good to know as I’ve fallen in love with Glide :slight_smile:

You’ll find all the informations that you need and much more here :arrow_down:

Glad to know that you like Glide as much as we all do here !

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Thanks @AymenM ! Yes, reading through the thread right now and took a break. Wow, looks like I might have to use a Google sheet after all :frowning:

The EU has an Adequacy agreement with the US EU-US data transfers | European Commission - so that was not my big concern. Almost all data services touch the US in some way in any case.

We were advised to keep our user PII in the EU ( Germany ideally) and it was easy enough to move things enough for the company lawyers to say ‘ok’. In addition Glide only had the authentication cookie, and now a prompt to accept (same for terms & conditions). So it seems like Covessa (the company) is happy enough to operate :slight_smile:


Thanks for info @Mark_Turrell. I literally just posted on the other GDPR thread you had commented on. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I’m still a little lost though on whether Glide tables can comply with GDPR or not? I think you had mentioned you were planning on thousands of users on your app. Based on my research, I think maybe using Glide tables might elicit slightly better performance than Google sheets, so at least for me, this is a pretty important question.

@Mark_Turrell good to hear that you have come around the schrems2 ruling. Would be great to hear some details as how you fulfill the gdpr requirements for e.g. images and data moved to us and to the sub suppliers of glide.

The company got two legal opinion letters produced on the topics of privacy, data protection, PII, and the nature of the service we have. They also reviewed an architecture of the system, all the components and services that are used, and the terms & conditions & privacy statement. If they’re happy, I’m happy that they are happy. And if new things come up, they’ll get fixed.

The glide terms were good enough to be acceptable for our use and our data. But general advice is not a substitute for specific in cases like this, so it’s good to get legal advice as needed :slight_smile:


Hi @Mark_Turrell,
didn’t find any information on the Glide Library how to move sheets to Google Workspace.
Could you please briefly outline how this could be done? Thanks.