GDPR and personal data

I was reading some discussions about the GDPR “non” compliance that can be partially worked around using, as in my case, the website where the app will be distributed. Same for the notifications. I would like to have some additional info about Glide gdpr policy, and how data are handled and treated. I was not able to find it on your website. An additional question on users data: usually all data are stored in the Glide and in the Google sheets of the developer or distributor, right? Is it possible for some data or sheets to be stored only locally on the user device? Is it planned for the future? Thanks.

Glide is GDPR compliant. Please read our Privacy Policy for this information, and do not rely on forum posts:


Perfect. Is what I was looking for. Sorry for the oversight!

Absolutely perfect! I was looking for it earlier :slight_smile: and this was exactly what was needed. And nicely put together too - thanks @david !

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