Release with Terms & Conditions/Privacy policy

Hi everyone,

I’m finally proud to the near release of my Glide app. However I would like it to be fully compliant especially privacy wise and I somehow can’t figure how to make the user accept the terms and conditions of the app and be informed of the privacy policy before downloading the app and using it (ticking a box or having an hyperlink ?)

An option would be to display them in the slide menu (see below) and having them to read before signing-up. But there are two things that come to my mind (i) don’t know how to add things in the slide menu and (ii) I wonder what happens between the moment the user put his email in the sign-up page and the moment he signs up in the actual app, is it stored by Glide?

Would be happy to further discuss compliance,
Thank you

Are talking about GDPR when you write privacy? Then you will amongst other describe how you use the collected personal information and how your data processor do. Where is the users data going? It is not clear to me how data is processed at glide and the services glide use.

I would suggest that you have a landing page (web site) where you can gather the personal info and show terms.

You cannot do it in glide at the moment but it has been requested quite a bit.

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