Privacy, Cookie, and Terms of Conditions Policy

How can I add my privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms and conditions policy codes to the screen of the app before the user creates an account?


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You need the pro version and then add it in the sign in screen. You need a link to the site where these T&C are stored

@Paige_L_Martin would you be willing to share what you write - especially the cookies information is very interesting to read for me

1 Like is really cool to get all the policies, specially for GDPR


So is


Always good to know a new site :grinning:. Thank for sharing

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I used I found out about it here in the Glide Community. Very easy to navigate. You are simply putting in your business info and answering questions regarding your app and how it will be used. Termly creates your privacy policy for you which all app should have. If you want them to create a Cookies Policy or Terms and Conditions Policy, you will have to upgrade with a $10.00 a month fee. You can add one policy to your website for free but not more than one.

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Hey Pablo! I thought there was a way, that it you chose the free or basic version, You could link your policies in some way?

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You could try making the app public, create a tab with the T&C and a sign in button. Then when a user is signed in, hide that tab and display the rest of the tabs.

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You can put the link anywhere in your, in fact the customer should always have acces to it. The point is that the customer/user has to accept before giving you his/here email. Here’s where you need to go pro as the checkbox in the sign in screen is only available if you have a pro version.
And you have to be very aware of this if you are dealing with any European human being, as we are the most annoying people on earth when it comes to data protection


Ha-ha! Ok. Thanks Pablo.

The app will be public but I thought you could only make a tab for users to view only when the user signs into the app?

As long as you have enabled user profiles it should work. The tab condition should just need to check is user profile email is not empty.

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Great. Thanks!

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Was this every fixed - for EU GDPR (a serious deal)

  1. what cookies are used - and what data is collected
  2. depending on what data is collected, what options do you give end users to opt out of specific ones, or opt-out entirely and not using the app
  3. does Glide to anything - or are we are users the only ones (e.g. if we have Google Analytics)

and then in the Pro app
4) Terms & Conditions are not saved anywhere - we need to know the date and time, and what agreement version was signed - otherwise it is near pointless
((I have built my own T&C tracking in my User form to handle this)


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Hopefully this is everything you need.

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