Cookies and T&C Policy

When my users check the boxes “I agree with the terms and conditios” and “Allow authentication cookies”, it is vital that theses infos are stored somewhere in Glide. I’d like to suggest that it should be stored inside the users table.
Compliance wise, it is important to us to have it registered that the users have agreed with cookies and terms and conditions

Custom T&C is only available on Enterprise plans. I use a service called to generate my T&C, Privacy and Cookies.

Hey, Joe (pun intended)

I currently am on an Enterprise plan and use custom T&C, my point is that the user’s confirmation isn’t stored anywhere in Glide backend. Therefore, there’s no evidence that the user has consented to cookies and/or T&C.

Ahh ok. Yea that makes sense. I have a business plan and can add the Show Agreement box, but dont get the custom T&C.

Technically, in order to sign in, they have to click the Accept, no? But I agree that it should be added to the user profile for better visibility.

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