Collecting Emails & User Data


I’ve set the app up to collect emails when people log in to the app, but I can’t see where these are saved?

And where can you see the data about user log ins etc?

Thanks for your help and support.

It doesn’t appear that the Data tab shows these, but if you open up the Google sheet, you should see a new sheet tab called “Glide: Logins”. This will only populate whenever a user signs in on a new device.

App: Logins :slight_smile:

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Would be also to ask for the name. At least optional

And of course, once again, a GDPR CHECKBOX

Thanks !!

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have you guys heard about the latest news from the european court of justice?

The European Court of Justice has strengthened data protection on the Internet. It demands the active consent of users when setting and retrieving cookies. Technical cookies are not affected.

What do we do with that? Technically, we (in the EU) cannot use Glide anymore


I think they are working on that !!
Link to terms and conditions and privacy policy as well as check to give consent.

I noticed a “hide” option in staging yesterday under each component. I’m guessing the intention is to point it to a True/False value to show or hide a component. I think it might be something that would work for onboarding and GDPR.

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Appears topic closed on GDPR, archiving topic in view of more current topics on GDPR.