Webhook + Make.com random behavior

Hello Gliders. I have the following scenario:

I’m sending data to Make.com vía a Webhook.

Problem: sometimes the action sends all the parameters and sometimes it sends some of the parameters.

This is killing me. I just need this to work every time in the same way. This is the only thing that separates me from finishing a great app! :weary:

I’m in a business plan.

Does the webhook rely on parameters that were just populated before the webhook was called? Have you tried adding a Wait action in front of the webhook action?

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Or, add those in text component(s) on the screen before you submit to force it to load (and hide those components using a condition that will never be true).

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Thanks Jeff for your fast answer and for your time. It looks that the problem was that.

Now I changed the sequence of events to populate the cells delivered by the webhook way before the webhook call.

It seems to work every time the same now.

Thanks again. I was getting crazy!!


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