Issue with the actions sending a webhook

My actions stopped working, which is blocking my user from going trough my app.

I use the integrated module to send webhooks to external sources. This webhook is sending request failed errors back. This started happening to my app sinds 10minutes ago. My leads are not able to navigate.

Please your support

What do you see in the action run log?

This is what I get on all my endpoint calls.

I am testing if it could be on the endpoint tho.
Make comunity is also noticing unexpected behaviours.

Yes, there was an incident alert on just a short while ago:

Doesn’t say whether or not webhooks are affected.

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Im also following this post. Should i delete this post? I dont want to have this false title on the glide community, causing panic haha.

ill go to the make compunity to investigate

No, no need to delete it. We’ll close it later.