Trigger Webhook stopped working

Hi, everyone, the ‘Trigger Webhook’ action button stopped working for my app.


  1. it was working for a long time, and today I tried to change to another webhook URL, it then stopped working.

  2. I tried with various different webhook endpoints from MAKE, pipedream and others, none of them worked.

  3. I then tried to create a ‘Trigger Webhook’ button in one of my other app, it worked.

  4. strangely, it means it just does not work on this one app.

  5. I have also tried to change it to Public or Private app, both cases I am signed in, not working either.

  6. Tried in Editor, in browser, and in the mobile app, not working.

please suggest what could be wrong? Thank you in advance.

if it in custom action - check is previous action in a row done.

and it’s much more informative to make a video (loom for example) to show what exactly you mean by “not worked”.