Trigger webhook does not appear

Hello, when i create a new button and want configure an action with a old application, the action “trigger webhook” don’t appear in the options. If i create a new action, it’s the same thing.

The old Trigger Webhook action was deprecated a while back and can no longer be added as a new action. There is a new one, but depending on how old your App is and which plan you are on, you may or may not have access to it.

I’am a business plan, my application was do in September 2022 for my work , i’ll want migrate but restart is too long. Without trigger webhook, i don’t know how send data in an other base airtable

Is your App a Classic App, or a new Glide App?

New features generally aren’t made available for Classic Apps, but you would certainly have it with a new App. If your App is a Classic one, then you should seriously think about converting it. Classic Apps are no longer supported, and they no longer get new features. Whilst they may continue to function for the foreseeable future, they will at some point become obsolete.

thanks for response. i’am a Classic app … ! Converting is too long because i’ll restart all the pages, when i do the converting all pages disappear …

Glide hasn’t provided a timeline on a direct conversion from Classic Apps to New Apps. Your best bet might be triggering a Zap to do your task if you’re on Classic.

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