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I have a Youth Program app that volunteers log attendance into. I want to add the permission slip for the program to the app. I would like for it to be fillable and can be sent back through the app, but I am not sure if this is possible. PLEASE HELP!

what kind of slip?

So you have a permission slip template and you want people to fill that template, then show the filled document to the user?

A permission slip to join a program.


For that use case, I usually do it like this:

  • Create a template in PDFMonkey. It requires a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge.
  • Use a button in Glide to pass variables to Make (formerly Integromat).
  • Generate a document from PDFMonkey with the variables passed.
  • Upload the document to Google Drive.
  • Bring the Drive ID/link back to Glide using the API to display it inside the app.

Many people around here use basically the same idea, but with Google Docs instead of PDFMonkey, so you can explore that front as well.

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