Help me integromat pdf

Good evening, can someone help me to be able to generate pdf with integromat, I’m using pdfmonkey and I would like to be able to do it in integromat please

What you would need is:

  • Clearly define your variables in your PDFMonkey template.

  • Create a Make/Integromat scenario to receive the info from Glide. Add a webhook to start.

  • Use those variable names when you create a send to webhook action in Glide, add the webhook link from the step above, add the values for those variables.

  • Plug those values in a second module in Make/Integromat for PDFMonkey. I believe it should be in a JSON structure.

  • Get the resulting link when you run a test, upload them to Drive (up to you to upload to any place you want to store it), then update the Glide row with the Drive link (either with a HTTP module for Glide Tables or a Sheet update module for Google Sheets).

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