We are using an app template with an attached spreadsheet which we do not have access to-- any work-arounds?

For the purposes of our app, we need to have complete ownership and editing access to the spreadsheet that is attached to our app. How can we solve this based on the fact that we are working from an app template with an already-attached google spreadsheet, which we do not have access to?

This also poses a problem when we want to delete pre-existing data… it cannot be deleted, only replaced. How can we delete information in cells (again, this ties back to us not being able to access the spreadsheet which the app is tied to-- we can make additions, but we cannot take away the data that was already there when we first began building from this template).

If it helps-- the template is called “Time Sheet”, it’s by Robert Petito.

How do you not have access to the google sheet. Whenever you copy a template into your own account, a copy of that google sheet is added to your google drive. Are you saying that you can see the google sheet in your google drive, but access to make changes aren’t possilbe?

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When I click on the google sheet attached to our data, I am not able to see it at all-- we have to request access first.

I’ve never heard of that before. Does it say who you need to request access from? You should have full ownership to the sheet if it was your google account that was used to purchase and download the template.

@Robert_Petitto did you ever add any additional protections to the template spreadsheet before submitting it?

This may be the case, Jeff. I am editing and building the app from a sign-in link my colleague sends to me-- she is the one who purchased it, on her google account. We will check to see if she has access to it from her computer, and I’ll report back (we’re on Euro-time so within next 9-12 hours).

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If she does in fact have access, then you will just need to have her add you as a shared user with edit access to the sheet. This shouldn’t affect how glide works as glide uses her access to make changes to the sheet. Glide already has edit privileges.

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I didn’t add Row Owners to the app. The user who purchased the template needs to share the Google Sheet is all.