Changing preset spreadsheet data

I’m having a little difficulty for my app. Is it possible to change the data that is in the spreadsheet from a template? For example, I used the Bike Borrow template. I want to change the content of the sheet to fit what I want to to, but it won’t let me. How do I change that?

Hello! When did you copy the template?

I copied it yesterday and it didn’t let me change the data. I tried right now and somehow it works. I don’t know exactly what happened, but thank you!

We had an issue yesterday where copied templates would not let you edit the sheet. Please try copying it again from the template.

It works now. Thank you!

Is there a way to add users or profiles to the list on the bike borrow template?

Also, I am trying to add a picture to my spreadsheet so it shows on the app. It shows on the spreadsheet, but the app doesn’t show the picture for some reason. Is there a fix to this?

Glide does not support images embedded in sheet cells. This is a new Google Sheets feature that Glide cannot access. Here’s our guide for adding images to your apps:

Also, please create new topics for new questions.