Create new Google Sheet on Entry

Is it possible to Create a new Google spreadsheet from a existing template when new row is added in another spreadsheet?

And also is it possible to show the spread sheet (readonly) in glideapps like in webview or some other sort?

Sorry not clear what you are trying to do. Can you please explain more. There is way to do it using Google script if only creating new sheet

1 Template SpreadSheet - This is just a template of which i want to make copies of every time a new row is added.

App Spreadsheet - This is where user will insert data from.

For each new data entry, a spreadsheet is created from Template Spreadsheet and based on the formula’s the data is filled from the data entry by user in App Spreadsheet. This template sheet is basically a predefined designed sheet.

Lets say my app capture students data like Name, Email, Grade. As a new entry is added, a new spreadsheet from Template per student is create and added the Name, Email… data captured by App into this new sheet.

There are two options I think.

  1. Use google script to do that
  2. You use google spreadsheet as a database, and use relations to obtain information about your students in one place, rather than creating anew spreadsheet
    Just a thought.