Template and add a google sheet

So I downloaded a Template from Glide for a Blog, and of course the Template is using the built in database.

Can I add a Google Sheet? I would like to have that as my primary database.

Sorry for a silly question but I just need a little guidance.

Thanks in advance from Dallas Texas

Hi @StinsonOwner,

The template was built with Glide Tables and you need to add a Google spreadsheet for that app or page?

You can click the plus icon and add your spreadsheet! :


Or you can add the spreadsheet from the Data section too! :

Thank you


Thank you for the guidance and screenshots.

Next question, When I use one of those selections, will the Glide Table auto populate or (Sync) the existing data to the new google sheet or would I have to create a google sheet and manually enter all that data first?


You would have to create the sheet, and basically duplicate the data, screens, and components to use the new sheet. It would not be an automatic switchover process.