Importing own data into a template

This is really basic but i just cannot see how i can bring my own data into a template. I’m looking at Room Reservations and it lists the sources data in the template but i cant see anywhere on the screen that allows me to use my own data. I’ve opened my google drive but glide isnt picking it up. any ideas?

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Hi, did you use the G-Sheet associated to the template?

  1. Top of screen

  2. Bottom left of (Glide database) screen

NB - If you are trying to import G-Sheet data into Glide database, there is no standard function at this stage.
The workaround is to follow the following approach:

To import Google Sheets data in Glide Tables

  1. In the source Google Sheet: add an “IMPORTED” column (will enable to let visible the items which are not imported)

  2. In Glideapps:

  • create a Glide Table to receive the data, and the required columns
  • create a screen linked to the Sheet
  • create an Inline List → link it to the Google Sheet (cf. ‘Source > Values’) → display at least one field (cf. ‘Data > Title’)
  • create an “action” → “Add row” to Glide destination Table and assign each column to be imported per field
  • create another “action” → “Set column” and write “1” in the IMPORTED Google Sheet column
  • filter the InLine list per "IMPORTED is not 1
  • Clic on each item of the InLine list: they will disapear from the InLine list.

The Google Sheet is imported in Glide Table

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Thanks for quick reply., I’m afraid I’m a complete novice at this and really struggling with the terms and I can’t see the options you’ve described.

I understand I need to get my data into the template glide sheet but when I click on the top right hand + button on the template data sheet there is no option for adding an imported column and then in glide Apps I cannot see any route to creating a Glide Table – it is only offering New App.

Its probably very obvious but I just can’t see it!



I don’t know the template that you are mentioning, but the principle of Glideapps is that your data are in a Google Sheet which is linked to Glideapps.

To access the Google Sheet of your app template

  1. on the home page of your app, at the top-middle of the screen there is a “table” image: clic on it
  2. in this new view (which is a database with tables), at the bottom-left of the screen, there is a link to a Google Sheet: clic on it, it will open the Google Sheet associated to your template
  3. Then, you can manipulate the Google Sheet (ex. replacing the data with yours) and it will synchronise into Glideapps

Hi @colinfc

Hopefully you have worked it out.

If you’re new to glide it’s also worth looking at the glide documentation. It is written showing the previous version of glides interface but the principles are still valid.

The reason I mention it is because a lot of times users don’t know it exists, apologies if you have already seen it, but thought it worth plugging anyway.

You will find this community very helpful and inspiring, so if you have further questions or need guidance just ask away.

Thanks so much for your patience – that all makes so much sense now – really appreciated


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Good luck, it’s normal to be a little bit confused when starting.
Let’s have fun now!

Hi Jason,

I have looked at some of the documentation and followed a lot of the video guides but the fact that it relates to a previous layout is a bit confusing and the documents are a bit dense for someone who is no very technical.! I need to go back to it…