Private OR Public Google Sheet

Hi everyone,
One more question for tonight. :sweat_smile:

Do you advise that the Google sheet is made public or kept private before selling your app as a template?
Which is better for users to access the Google sheet after purchasing the template? Should I just add their emails later, after purchase?

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Correct me if I’m wrong but when you purchase a template, you get a duplicate of that template’s sheet so it does not matter whether you - the template owner set it to private or public at the start.


Exactly this


I agree with both @ThinhDinh and @Lucas_Pires .

When you go to the Glide template store and copy a template, whether for free or purchased:

  • The app: the template becomes an app in your Glide dashboard and you become the author of this app (see the settings)
  • The data: the Google sheet is copied to the root of your Google Drive and you become the owner of this Google sheet (see >File >Document details).


Thank you everyone for the easy clarification.
I am very grateful for your help.

My template and app will soon be available. Hopefully it suffices for all my questions.

Thank you.