Way to archive (ie keep configuration but stop paying for) a Pro App?


I roll out Pro apps for clients using by cloning and then customizing a base app. When the clients are no longer using their customized app, I would like to be able to “archive” it in a way that lets me save the configuration somehow, but stop the app from being online and stop paying for the Pro version of the app.

I would be happy with:

  • being able to downgrade the app and retain the Pro configuration until it is needed in the future
  • somehow exporting the glide configuration for later usage…kind of like how tardigrades can dehydrate themselves and live in outer space for thousands of years…

Anyone know if what I’m looking for is doable? Or will. Just have to eat it and lose my configuration completely?

Can I ask what “configuration” you’re afraid of losing? As far as I know, any app that was pro but then downgraded will have a “reinstated” configuration when reupgraded…except for reapplying privacy settings, etc.

As Robert said, you won’t lose any configurations unless it’s a Pro feature (i.e background in loading screen, webview component, etc.).

Regarding the app “not being online”, I think you can just change the URL to a new one, people won’t be able to access the app anymore.

Or, you hide all tabs and have only one visible saying this app is no longer being used.