*** VLC Player issue ***

Hi All
New to Glide app, used to work with Andromo, but iam looking for something better.
Desided to check and learn glide as iam trying to build an iptv app.
playing videos with external player like VLC was easy with Andromo.
I cannot find any info to work with Glide as i prefer it to learn more about glide…
Any help pls!!

thank you in advnced

I don’t have much experience with IPTV or VLC, but do you have a video file and want to play it in Glide?

My video files have the following format and I managed to execute them easily with VLC (at least with andromo)


No, I don’t believe Glide can play TS files. Would it be too much of a hassle to convert them to mp4?

Or maybe you can try hosting them somewhere and try using the hosted URL in a web embed component?

It’s not possible as it’s live URL.
That why I try to find a way to run an external video player like VLC from glide…
Maybe an API I not so advanced!

Thank you