Visibility of text component linked with form completion

Hi Gliders,

I am currently working on a feature that lets user input their address in a form component. The data is then pushed back to Google Sheets for calculating distance between it and a “fixed restaurant”.

The idea is to generate a message, that if the distance is more than 5km, service can’t be provided and vice versa.

I have done the setup of automatic calculations and message generation. However, I’m struggling to figure out how the message can only be shown after the user has completed the form.

I attach a gif of what I am trying to do, highly appreciate any help for a solution or a potential workaround for the idea.


Have a nice day!

I’m a little confused on which sheet your form button is on, but I’m going to assume that it would be on a business listing. The only thought that comes to mind is to create a template in your address (form response) sheet that joins the email and address of the business. Then create a similar template in your business listing sheet where the form button would be located. You could first set up visibility on the message if there is a matching relation in the form response sheet. If there is no match in the form sheet, then then don’t show the message. Otherwise show the correct message based on distance.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have succeeded with a workaround but I’m still trying to optimize it before posting to this community as I think many people are in need of integrating this to their app.

Have a nice weekend!

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