Visibility "is within now"

hi one of the options for visibility is before or after a date/time, but there is also a “now”. does this mean current time +/- a certain value?

I haven’t tested it thoroughly, but I’ve always assumed ‘within’ to be the same as an exact match, so ‘within now’ would probably only match for a second. I think ‘within’ is better suited for use with ‘today’ so it would show as a match for the entire day.

The now feature would only be something you would want to use if the sheet is keeping the current time as well or if a specific data set is keeping current time.

I only use Within when comparing to Today, since it will match for the whole day. I don’t see a point in using Within when comparing to Now as it will only match for a second. However, On or Before or On or After would work great when comparing to Now. Basically Today only checks date. Now checks the Date as well as time.