"Not Within" Filter

Hi @Mark,

Any chance we can get a “Not within” filter. I’d like to show a warning text if a date is not within the first date (same day).

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Just thinking out loud here: The “not within” is less of a problem than the question of “within what?”. Ideally for those predicates you could specify a range, which could be

  • start date/time to end date/time
  • the minute/hour/day/week/month/year of some date/time
  • within some number of minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years of some date/time
  • …?
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They are all relevant :slight_smile:

I know :wink:

I love the way you think. I was just hoping for the day…“within > Today” is the whole day, so “not within > Date” would be anything that’s not the day of the date.

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“Not within” would also be helpful for me in an app I’m working on.

I’ve been using a “refresh” button in a free app to force a sheet reload to move to “today”. I’d like to assign visibility to my refresh button that checks if a column in my sheet — that contains a " today()" formula — is not within today. If it’s not, then show the refresh button. I don’t want the refresh button visible if the app is already displaying the correct date.

The other possibility would be to have visibility conditions based on the visibility of other components — so show the refresh button IF the other button is not visible (which is set to only be visible if “today” column is within today).

You could just set an if then column in the sheet if within today. Then set your visibility based on the if then column value.


Good point!

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