Date is not within 'today'

Hi! I want to ask you how can i turn this if:

I mean how can i make: MyDate is NOT within today.

Hola @adriasoce

Have you tried is before or after today?

Yes, for now I think i can changed it for is before.

But I tried in an if condition where i have COND1 AND (date is not within today). Only the second part is equal to “Date is before today or date is after today”. But when we put them with an AND we cannot use an AND and an OR in the same condition. That’s why we need an is NOT within today.

I hope you can understand the use case.

I’ve accomplished this by using an IF-THEN column to check if the date is within today — result = true. Then in the component itself, just apply a filter that checks for cells that aren’t true. This will give you the rows where the date is not within today.


Yep, as @kyleheney said. ITE is your best bet.

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@kyleheney @SantiagoPerez yes but i’m creating an action and i cannot put an ifthenelse column in that conditions. That multiple conditions only allow AND or OR but in all conditions, not a mixed.

I usually create these using ITE then use them in the action conditions.

I do that too :wink:

and that’s just to determine if actions can even run.

Wow, okey thanks, i will do that

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