Date withing a date range → TRUE

I am creating an event tracker and I need a column to be checked if the event is happening right now. Given the start and end date in two different columns.

For example:
TODAY IS: February 9, 2023
EVENT START: February 9, 2023
EVENT END: February 11, 2023

I want a check because today is withing the event date range.

Do you have an IF column set up already that isn’t working quite right? Do your events have times, or are you just looking at dates without time?

Events are date only and I’ve tried with “now” function real quick but i gave up bacause i don’t really know what to do.


can you give me a screenshot example?

Date’s are a little tricky because even though you have them formatted to show only the date, they can still contain an underlying time. Sometimes that can bite you. Also, some comparisons in the IF column will compare only the dates, while others will factor in the time. ‘Within’ for example, will only compare the date as a whole. It does not look at time. Whereas Before or After may look at time. It’s a bit confusing and usually takes some trial and error to figure out.

I think this IF column should be pretty safe, but I would make sure to test it thoroughly.

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Also, is there a reason you store all these info in user-specific columns?

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