Date "is on or before/after" only for Today?

I’m trying to use the new Event Picker, but while it doesnt have a way to block days/hours, I need to check if the date-time i’m picking is on or before a date-time already scheduled

I don’t wanna create 2 columns if I can do it with one only…

@Mark is it normal?



Do you have another Date column in your table?

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Yes, I’m picking Start Date Agendar in user table, and in this table in the pic, I have Start and End sheduled date-time

And when I try with is before works too…


I have also wonder why this is done. I need also on or before - and not just “today”


I gotta complete this app for a client and I just have to set all the schedules up

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We’ll fix this, but I can’t give you a timeline yet.


Thanks @Mark

Btw, I’ve already set everything up! Take a look

Does the “is within” work?

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No, this option also works only with Today