Time after now feature

I am using two columns. In one column Time, I record the time stamp. In another column Time Limit, I use a Google sheet function which calculates one minute Plus the time stamp. I have a component that has a visibility condition which checks if the Time Limit is before now to display a message. But, this visibility condition does not work.

How does the “before now” in glide apps work? Does glide app have an internal “now” time? And keeps comparing the google sheet value with the “now” time?

@JackVaughan: Another use case for my Date/Time column request.

Vijay, I made this request in the requests app:

Look for the Now / Current DateTime column entry and upvote!!!


If I were to guess based on one of @Robert_Petitto’s earlier posts, I think the local user’s time is what’s used for the compare to Now. If I recall, @Robert_Petitto observed that the date/time special value recorded the local time of the user. Not a central time on the Glide server or GMT. That’s why I’m guessing that the Glide Now filter is using the user’s time for Now.