Time control

Any example of an app for time control? It is for project timing.

There isn’t a great example of this yet because of the lag between the Glide App and the Sheet. Any sort of timing will be minutes off. If Glide decides to introduce a Current Date/Time Column in their data editor (ahem ahem elbow elbow nudge nudge), then this functionality could be built…

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Hey @Robert_Petitto, still waiting for your response to this post (elbow elbow nudge nudge). :wink: I’m still not picturing how you would use it.

Hi Jeff,

I’d be able to compare scheduled date/time columns to actual time. This could create timers, countdowns, drip-fed content, scheduled posts, etc.

Of the top of my head example, my recent quiz app, I could compare the current date to the the scheduled date and mark with True if it is. Then I could only display quizzes marked true.

Countdown: display difference between current date/time and posted date/time

Timer: Current date/time - Timestamp of a post to count up from a given post. If it reaches 2:00, mark something false.

Check Schedule: I have a list of classes and their start/end times. Check which class we’re in and output the class for each student for “a find this student” feature.

Novelty just to create a clock component within an app…perhaps create alarms?

Creating task apps…if current date/time is within a week of posted date…display Soon, if within a day, display “tomorrow” if today, "today, if yesterday, “past due”.

Add/subtract from current date time to display different timezones.

Create a birthday reminder app where birthday matches current datetime but can also tell you the age of the person by a calculation

Need I go on? :wink:

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So you want to be able to use it to do date calculations more so? You can currently compare datetime to Now or Today within Glide.

Exactly. Take for instance, my “student finder” functionality. I have no way of comparing if Now is after/before a certain time.

Like this?

Kind of…but I don’t want date time…I want just time in some instances because the schedule occurs daily. I have a time column…not datetime.

I’d also like the reverse…compare the proposed “current date time column” to a column:

If CurrentDateTime
is on or before StartTime

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OK. I see what you are saying with Time. You always mentioned current date/time, so I always assumed you wanted to compare datetime’s which is something that is already built in to Glide. I updated my posted image with all the compare options, but you can also compare if start datetime is on or after current datetime (if it would work with just time), so that would take care of your reverse scenario. I’d probably just build it out in the sheet to always append current date to the entered time and use a trigger or something to update the date in the sheet after midnight.

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Right. Date I’m not too worried about, because often a change to the sheet will occur in a given day to update the app. However, I’m looking for precision and zero lag. More in Glide, the better. Thanks for the screenshot and for brainstorming.

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This is only my opinion, but I think it would make more sense to expand the use of now and today to a time column and well, instead of just the date column where it currently works. If you change the formatting of a time column in glide, it appears to assume the date as today, so I see no reason why it couldn’t be expanded to include the now and today functions.

I also think it would be better to update the math column to be able to calculate the difference between dates/times and also build in the now and today functions.

This just makes more sense to me since now and today are already half baked in already.

That could work if real time calculations were an option. I would love some live countdown functionality.