Visibility function broken! Help Me!

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Hey Glide Communty!!! Hope everyone is ok ;).

I have an issue with the visibility of a choice component. I have a table named “Log carrito” or “Log Cart” (in english), in witch every product selected in the store is recorder there. So I’m trying to do a form to submit all the products info and a user-picked size and quantity. As I said before, that form has been set up to record that info in the “Log Carrito” tab

So far, so good, but when I try to set the visibility function up is not wordking. I´m trying to configure it with a if condition: if the type product is “kids” show an specific choice component and if it’s “adults” show the other choice component. But seems that that visivility function doesn’t recognice that data in the “Log Carrito” tab. The component appears only shows if the type producto is empty (see picture below).

As you can see the data is in the tab correctly…

I’m stuck here :tired_face:, I’ve tryed many many things and nothing works. If anyone can help me, I’ll be very very gratefull!!! Best Wishes!! :blush:

Is the “Type” column a value from the previous screen or one you’re writing to as the destination of this form?

Hi Nicolas,
I am facing the same issue. It seems that visibility function doesn’t work when computed columns are added as the conditions.
In my case, it doesn’t work when I add “Lookup” as the condition, but it works with “Text” and “Email”.
This phenomenon is very fatal for me, so I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible…

Hello @ThinhDinh !. Thaks for your help.

The “Type” column is already in the destination table, I just want to use the data in that column type to visualize either the adults sizes or the kids sizes. The weird thing is that I have achived that before in the past but recently I had to do come changes I now I can’t, I don’t know why so…

ohh, nooo :hushed:, it’s so dissapointing!! :tired_face:

If the type is in the destination tab, then wouldn’t you have to let the user choose this inside the form before using it as a value to show the choice components you mentioned above?

no, the type is not the destination column, it is a lookup column (inside that table) that I want to use to set the visibility of two choice components: the size and the quantity of that product, which are the ones that the user pick and submit.

So it is from the table that the previous tab is built on, is it correct?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. The thing is that when a customer clicks on “put in a cart” in a product details, then the form opens and he/she can pick a size and the quantity of that product. But, the things is that kid sizes only should be visualizad to kid products and the same with adults. That form in build upon the “cart” table and those kid and adult sizes are a rollup column in thar “cart” table. But I can configure that visibility because Glide doesn´t recognize the data in those columns ;( . Hope you understand welll :wink:

The thing is I believe those visibility conditions can only be setup based on the values you are having on that form (hence, those are the columns in the destination Sheet, rather than the Sheet you built the previous screen on).

From your description above, it seems like the “Type” column is one from the previous screen, which should not be available for you to choose. Any chance you’re misunderstanding it and choose the column with the same name from the destination Sheet?