Visibility conditions how

I want to build a simple, character limited note app. User will sign up and take notes.

I built form, input goes form row and listing. Great, but!!

Everyone sees all notes. I want to make home page custom.

I want users to be able to see only their own notes.

No user is sharing anything with anyone. Only everyone sees what they have created. Deleting or editing.

Is there a tutorial about these visibility conditions?

Make sure you are also writing the signed in user’s email into a column in your table. Then silly apply row owners to that column.

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What was the right word for that “silly” one? :sweat_smile:


hahaha, “apply” maybe? :rofl:


Ha! :crazy_face: Don’t judge me. I do most of typing on my phone…and apparently I don’t proofread very well. :wink: