'Viewing as' not working as expected

I am working on a project, but I cannot find a solution to the ‘Viewing as x’ functionality that the Glide Editor has.

I want the list to contain the value ‘email’ so I can see what the status is for each user. Instead, I am seeing a random value in the list of views. I have assigned the row owner property to the column email. But is does not seem to do the trick.

I will attach a screenshot to show you the simple issue I am facing. I hope this can be resolved without having to restructure my application.


Try dragging the email column to the very left of all other columns, immediately to the right of the Row ID column.


This has not resolve the issue. I tried reassigning the row owner propery bit it didnt fix the bug. After refresh it also still take the language column as display value in the Viewing as list.

When you built the Users table, did you take the default Name column and rename it ‘language’ by any chance? The issue might stem from there.

I think I did. It was a while ago. but this was also my expectation for the issue. Can this be resolved somehow?

I think the value displayed in the ‘Viewing as’ dropdown pulls the value from the name column by default. If you delete the original name column, there is a good chance the next default value in line will be the value in the email column.

Try to the following:

  • Create a new basic text column called ‘language2’
  • Copy-paste the values from ‘language’ to ‘language2’
  • Check ‘Find uses’ of the ‘language’ column and rebuild the same on ‘language2’
  • Once you are confident ‘language’ is not being used anymore, delete the column.

Check your User Profile configuration.
Show us a screen shot of that.

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On the right hand side, in the data section, name should be bound to name, email to email, image to an image column and role is optional.

The value displayed in ‘viewing as’ will still be the name column. I don’t think you can configure your user profiles one way and then dictate what value will be displayed in ‘viewing as’, it will default to ‘name’.


This has solved my issues. But I noticed that on the bottom left hand side of the layout it is still showing the user as ‘NL’ (in case of my picture). My inital issue is revolved with your support, but this is still present.

After you follow the instructions from Nathanael exit the builder and come back or reload the tab and check again!

This is good advice. The Glide builder is very close to real time and usually changes in real time, but on occasion it doesn’t hurt to reload the tab in the browser. Or to exit to the dashboard and to return. On occasion.

Also more and more I have an additional browser tab open with the live version of the application and I double-check what I see there.

Soon I’ll have two extra browser tabs, one for the desktop version and the other for the mobile version :slight_smile:

Thanks! All my issues have been resolved now. Great support!


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