Video full screen & screen rotation quirks

There’s almost too many to list. I guess I’ll go with my biggest pain points at the moment. Going full screen on iOS is difficult with YouTube videos because the video title hides the full screen button pretty well (and YouTube deprecated the url parameter showinfo which would’ve hid the title) . Lets assume the user manages to go into full screen portrait mode (due to being savvy and used two-finger ‘stretch’ gesture or via cat like reflexes and tapped the top-left full screen button when the video title faded) then rotates phone to go landscape the video stops playing, exits full screen, and displays in regular app landscape mode. Android doesn’t have this issue because the video player full screen button is located on bottom right corner but app goes bonkers. It works on both iOS and Android fine if app is still in browser but if installed it tries to go full screen landscape, fails then just resets back to app portrait mode and stops the video. Sorry this may be more just fatigue and a healthy rant.


Adding to the issue of when rotating phone while a video is playing and the video is stopped. It is in fact stopped, as in you lose your place in the video. This is really bad.

And its strange because this behavior seems to happen about 90% of the time, not 100%. It seems to work sometimes on first attempt after a fresh start opening the app.

Amazingly all this seems to work just fine within the browser. Not so once installed.

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Same problem, It’s very bad. Pls fix that!!