VIAVAI - Rent and Buy!

Hello everybody Gliders! :grin:

My name is Alessandro and with my Co-Founder, Isabella launched this project: ViaVai.

We are both 25 years old and based in Milan, Italy. We developed this idea, that we’re bringing on with all our enthusiasm.

ViaVai wants to be an all-in-one platform for Green Mobility, from our App infact, you’ll be able to rent and buy (on both sides) bikes, e-bikes, snowboard, ski, surfboard and lot more!

When we found Glide on Instagram we were stunned, our project is almost without budget, and this was the opportunity to develop an App without facing a HUGE amount of expenses, so thank you! Very, very much! :revolving_hearts:

After months of really hard work, I decided to share it with all Glide community, I really hope you enjoy it!

If you want to support us, you can visit our website (both Website and App are available in English language), download the App and if you wish, upload your vehicles!

Any feedback is welcome! :pray:


Complimenti ragazzi e un grande in bocca al lupo!!

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Ciao Fabio! Grazie :muscle:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t3: ti auguriamo lo stesso

Miss the option to login with Google

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Hello Lucas, now it is available!

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