Very slow data sync between apps using the same Glide Table

I am using a Glide Table to connect two apps together — much faster than the Google Sheet (15+ seconds, timed)

BUT in Glide - even though it feels like it should be instantaneous, it is taking 3.5 -= 5 seconds to update on the other app.

This feels like a bug - and is very annoying! Thanks, @david, @Jason and @Mark (and speak to you later today @Ian )

even worse… the Glide Tables do not sync!! I change the title in one app, and it does not sync.

And I change the header in one place, and it does not sync. And refreshing the browser did not help.

And then there is no scroll when you look through Tables (or any way of working out where these tables live as a lot are orphans without an app because I play a lot).

There’s going to be somewhat of a delay. Any updates to the local database on the device needs to sync across the internet to the glide servers to update the server database, then the glide servers need to push updates to the local database of all others users. It’s not a direct connection from user to user and not directly feeding from the server. There’s a lot of database syncing behind the scenes. That’s why Google sheets is slower. It’s another level of database syncing that’s partially at the mercy of Google.


The delay is one thing, but not syncing column headers is a different issue.

I am pleased that the Glide tables are a lot faster than GS - so a vast improvement in user experience already :slight_smile:


Does data still sync even with the different headers names?

yes - the data syncs fine (3-4 second delay).


We have a fix/enhancement in the works that will allow you to scroll that Glide table list. You will also be able to delete Glide Tables with a right click, on the table, in your app builder. These fixes/enhancements are scheduled for Fridays release.


You and the team … :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star: :star: :star: :star2: :star2: :star2: thank you!