Version 2.0 best practice

Hi, I’m interested in the best practice for launching a version 2.0. I want to launch an initial version of the app to users, then develop new 2.0 features in a development app copy. Once the v2.0 features are ready what’s the best way to roll them out in the production version of the app?

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Probably (during an off time), change the URL of the live app ( to something like and then change your version 2 URL to the original


Anyone did a procedure on that when you have a pro app. You need to fill in google analytics code and … in the the new app (V2)?

(Apologies if this already exists.)
What is lacking (IMHO) is an overview of how to “deliver” a Glide app. It seems that there are a few ways to get eyeballs on an app:

  • Send out the unique URL
  • Submit the template
  • Scan the QR code
  • Submit to app store (sometime in the future)
  • More(?)
    A definitive on the use cases for each would be helpful.

Next is the issue of the Google Sheets document. Best practice(s) on setting that up for easy “delivery”? Presumably most of us want to clear the content of some (most?) of the sheets before “delivery”.

Finally, there is the issue of functional updates to the app (version 2, and so on) covered earlier in this thread.

Maybe even overlay the above with the “standard” notions of Dev, Test, Preview/Beta, Prod/Go-Live/GA, etc.

Would love to get the thoughts of others. Thank you.